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Driver Information
Manufacturer: Echo
Operating System: Windows 2000/XP/Me
Version: v6.08 Beta
Release Date: 2003-06-02
Category: Audio Drivers
File Name and Size: Echogals_WDM_608.exe(5.5 Mb)
Model: Layla20/Gina20/Darla20/Darla24 Driver
Description: Echo Layla20/Gina20/Darla20/Darla24 Driver v6.08 Beta Windows 2000/XP/Me. New features No new features were introduced with 6.08. Fixes - MIDI output is now more efficient - Superclock output now works correctly - Fixed a problem with ASIO Direct Monitoring - Fixed waveOutPause support for PureWave mode - Added support for waveOutSetVolume and waveOutGetVolume for PureWave mode - Fixed some minor issues with the ASIO driver - The GSIF buffer size is now saved per card instead of for all cards - Analog input dithering has been added to PureWave when recording in 16-bit or 8-bit formats - Console sessions now save and restore the wave device configuration - The WDM driver has been rewritten to conform with Microsoft's latest recommendations on writing efficient WDM audio drivers. - MIDI input timestamping is now more accurate - If a mixer, ASIO, or PureWave app crashes, the driver now cleans up after the crashed app. You should be able to re-open the app without rebooting your machine. - Improved parameter checking for the user-mode interface. - Improved physical memory management - A "Load Wave device configuration settings" check box has been added to the console -If the hardware wasn't working right, it was possible for the MIDI driver to wait for the hardware forever. Now, the driver gives up after trying to play MIDI data for a while. This shouldn't matter if your hardware is working OK. - The user-mode interface for the driver now uses a jump table. - Added some more parameter validation to the WDM transport interface (used for PureWave and ASIO) - Fixed a power management problem where multiprocessor machines couldn't resume from standby - Fixed a rare potential blue screen that could occur when restarting the driver - Fixed a bug with the PureWave driver where data could get corrupted while recording if the processor was very busy. - New firmware for all the cards except Gina20 & Darla20; this fixes a long-standing bug where audio could be corrupted on Mia - Fixed a bug with PureWave where Windows 2000 or XP could crash during logon Known Issues - AC-3 streaming over S/PDIF output doesn't work correctly with WinDVD 4 -Gina20 and Darla20 may not resume from standby correctly on some systems
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