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Driver Information
Manufacturer: Sony
Operating System: Windows 2000/XP
Release Date: 2006-01-26
Category: notebook Driver
File Name and Size: SODOTH-00445800-US.EXE(1.08 Mb)
Model: VGN-U750P
Description: Sony VGN-U750P Notebook Control Device Driver Windows 2000/XP. This utility installs the originally shipped version of the Sony Notebook Control Device Driver.Supported Models:# PCG-K43F, PCG-K43Q, PCG-K44FP, PCG-K45, PCG-K45F, PCG-K47, VGC-V500MG, VGC-V517G, VGC-V520G, VGC-V600MG, VGC-V617G, VGC-V620G.# VGN-A600, VGN-A600B, VGN-A600P, VGN-A690, VGN-A790.# VGN-AR170, VGN-AR270P.# VGN-B250FP, VGN-BX540, VGN-BX540B, VGN-BX540B/H, VGN-BX540BW, VGN-BX540W, VGN-BX541B, VGN-BX543B, VGN-BX545FP, VGN-BX546B, VGN-BX546BW, VGN-BX560, VGN-BX560B, VGN-BX561B, VGN-BX563B, VGN-BX565B, VGN-BX567B, VGN-BX570B, VGN-BX575B.# VGN-140F, VGN-C140FP, VGN-C140G, VGN-150P, VGN-C150P/B, VGN-C190P, VGN-C190PB, VGN-C190PG, VGN-C190PH, VGN-C190PP.# VGN-FE550FM, VGN-FE550G, VGN-FE590, VGN-FE590P, VGN-FE630, VGN-FE630F, VGN-FE630Q, VGN-FE650FM, VGN-FE650G, VGN-FE690, VGN-FE690P, VGN-FE690P/B, VGN-FE730FM, VGN-FE750FM, VGN-FE790, VGN-FE790P, VGN-FE790PL.# VGN-FJ150, VGN-FJ150F, VGN-FJ150/W, VGN-FJ170, VGN-FJ170/B, VGN-FJ170P, VGN-FJ170Q, VGN-FJ170Q/B, VGN-FJ180P, VGN-FJ180P/G, VGN-FJ180P/L, VGN-FJ180P/R, VGN-FJ180P/W, VGN-FJ230F, VGN-FJ240FP, VGN-FJ250F, VGN-FJ250P, VGN-FJ250PB, VGN-FJ260FP, VGN-FJ270, VGN-FJ270/B, VGN-FJ270P, VGN-FJ270P/B, VGN-FJ270Q, VGN-, VGN-FJ290L, VGN-FJ290P, VGN-FJ330F, VGN-FJ340FP, VGN-FJ370, VGN-FJ370/BC, VGN-FJ370P, VGN-FJ370Q, VGN-FJ370Q/B.# VGN-FS500, VGN-FS500B, VGN-FS500P, VGN-FS520B, VGN-FS530B, VGN-FS540P, VGN-FS550, VGN-FS550F, VGN-FS550P, VGN-FS570, VGN-FS610FP, VGN-FS615F, VGN-FS620, VGN-FS620P, VGN-FS620P/W, VGN-FS625B, VGN-FS625B/W, VGN-FS630, VGN-FS630F, VGN-FS630W, VGN-FS635B, VGN-FS635B/W, VGN-FS640, VGN-FS640FP, VGN-FS640Q, VGN-FS640/W, VGN-FS645P, VGN-FS645PH, VGN-FS650F, VGN-FS655FP, VGN-FS660, VGN-FS660P, VGN-FS660PW, VGN-FS660W, VGN-FS670FG, VGN-FS675P, VGN-FS675PH, VGN-FS680, VGN-FS680W, VGN-FS690, VGN-FS690B, VGN-FS690P, VGN-FS710, VGN-FS710FP, VGN-FS710/W, VGN-FS715, VGN-FS715F, VGN-FS715/W, VGN-FS720, VGN-FS720/W, VGN-FS730, VGN-FS730F, VGN-FS730/W, VGN-FS740, VGN-FS740FP, VGN-FS740Q, VGN-FS740/W, VGN-FS742, VGN-FS742/W, VGN-FS745P, VGN-FS745P/H, VGN-FS750F, VGN-FS750P, VGN-FS755FP, VGN-FS760, VGN-FS760Q, VGN-FS760/W, VGN-FS770, VGN-FS770FG, VGN-FS770W, VGN-FS775P, VGN-FS775P/H, VGN-FS780, VGN-FS780/W, VGN-FS790, VGN-FS790B, VGN-FS790P, VGN-FS810, VGN-FS810FP, VGN-FS810/W, VGN-FS812F, VGN-FS815F, VGN-FS830, VGN-FS830Q, VGN-FS830/W, VGN-FS840, VGN-FS840W, VGN-FS850, VGN-FS850P, VGN-FS850PW, VGN-FS850Q, VGN-FS850W, VGN-FS875P, VGN-FS875P/H, VGN-FS8900, VGN-FS8900P, VGN-FS8900V, VGN-FS920, VGN-FS930F, VGN-FS940, VGN-FS950, VGN-FS960P, VGN-FS965F, VGN-FS970P, VGN-FS980, VGN-FS980F, VGN-FS980Q, VGN-FS985FP, VGN-FS990.# VGN-N130F, VGN-N130P, VGN-N130P/B, VGN-N140F, VGN-N145FP, VGN-N150F, VGN-N150P.# VGN-S350F, VGN-S350FP, VGN-S360, VGN-S360P, VGN-S370F, VGN-S380, VGN-S380B, VGN-S380P, VGN-S430P, VGN-S430PS, VGN-S450FP, VGN-S460, VGN-S460B, VGN-S460F, VGN-S460P, VGN-S460PB, VGN-S470P, VGN-S470PS, VGN-S480, VGN-S480B, VGN-S480P, VGN-S550P, VGN-S550PS, VGN-S560FP, VGN-S560P, VGN-S560PB, VGN-S570P, VGN-S570PS, VGN-S580, VGN-S580B, VGN-S580BH, VGN-S580P, VGN-S660, VGN-S660/B, VGN-S660P, VGN-S660P/B.# VGN-SZ110, VGN-SZ110/B, VGN-SZ120P, VGN-SZ120P/B, VGN-SZ140, VGN-SZ140P, VGN-SZ140PA, VGN-SZ140PB, VGN-SZ140PC, VGN-SZ140PD, VGN-SZ150P, VGN-SZ150P/C, VGN-SZ160P, VGN-SZ160P/C, VGN-SZ170FP, VGN-SZ170P, VGN-SZ170P/C, VGN-SZ210P, VGN-SZ210P/B, VGN-SZ220, VGN-SZ220P, VGN-SZ230P, VGN-SZ230P/B, VGN-SZ240, VGN-SZ240F, VGN-SZ240P, VGN-SZ250P, VGN-SZ260P, VGN-SZ270P, VGN-SZ270P/C, VGN-SZ280P, VGN-SZ280P/C, VGN-SZ320CP, VGN-SZ320CQ, VGN-SZ320P, VGN-SZ330P, VGN-SZ330P/B, VGN-SZ340, VGN-SZ340FP, VGN-SZ340P, VGN-SZ340W, VGN-SZ350BP, VGN-SZ350FP, VGN-SZ360P, VGN-SZ360P/C, VGN-SZ370P, VGN-SZ370P/C, VGN-SZ381P, VGN-SZ390.# VGN-T230FP, VGN-T240P, VGN-T250, VGN-T250P, VGN-T250P/L, VGN-T260P, VGN-T270P, VGN-T330FP, VGN-T340P, VGN-T350, VGN-T350P, VGN-T360P, VGN-T370P.# VGN-TX610P, VGN-TX630P, VGN-TX650FP, VGN-TX650P, VGN-TX651P, VGN-TX651PB, VGN-TX670P, VGN-TX670P/B, VGN-TX670P/W, VGN-TX690P, VGN-TX750FP, VGN-TX750P, VGN-TX750P/B, VGN-TX751P, VGN-TX751P/B, VGN-TX770P, VGN-TX770P/B, VGN-TX770P/T, VGN-TX770P/W, VGN-TX790P, VGN-TX790P/L, VGN-TX790P/X, VGN-TX850FP, VGN-TX850P.# VGN-TXN15BP, VGN-TXN15P, VGN-TXN15P/B, VGN-TXN15P/T, VGN-TXN15P/W, VGN-TXN17FP, VGN-TXN17P, VGN-TXN, VGN-TXN17P7, VGN-TXN17P/B, VGN-TXN17P/T, VGN-TXN19P, VGN-TXN19P/L, VGN-U750P, VGN-UX180P, VGN-UX280P, VGN-UX280P7.
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