The Vista Crystal Ball

June 6th, 2007

Microsoft has taken another step in trying to hasten the deployment of its new operating system to business all over the world.

The software giant has recently announced that it will release a software that would enable businesses to try a virtual version of Windows Vista. This would allow Microsofts corporate clients to see if the OS would work without any hiccup with the applications that they are using.

Holding Their Horses

Both small and big companies alike have been hesitant in discarding their old OS for Vista. Despite the fact that Microsofts latest offering has already been out for about five months already, many are still worried that they might just end up reverting back to their original operating system due to compatibility problems.

Microsoft has been addressing the problem by issuing updates, patches, and Vista drivers regularly. Software and hardware manufacturers are also doing their share by releasing new drivers for their old products. Despite these developments, many still harbor the misconception (or is it) that a number of their programs would not work on the new OS.

Painless Solution

Device driver finders on the Internet are also allaying compatibility worries by providing an instant and lasting solution to the dilemma. Many are resorting to these problem solvers instead of manually searching and installing the needed drivers. While many have successfully tracked down the needed updates and installed them to their systems without a glitch, a similar number of computer users have unfortunately encountered a frustrating experience in getting their hands dirty on the task. Many often download the wrong sets of drivers, causing more problems to their already troubled PC. Device driver finders eliminate the hassle of having to find and install the necessary updates or drivers by doing all these automatically.

The Real Problem

While IT managers hailed the release of the Virtual Hard Drive (VHD) Test Drive, critics noted that the program only answered the issue of deployment and hasnt answered the problem regarding hardware and software compatibility. If this is true, them Microsoft has again failed in its effort to try to shorten their corporate clients timetable in shifting to Vista. Many businesses have professed that deployment is not the problem, but compatibility. Indeed, it would be a nightmare for them to deal with a software that wouldnt work with the ones that theyre already using.

Aside from the release of the VHD, Microsoft has also announced that it would roll out its Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP) next month with a new feature that would enable IT managers to identify desktop errors and easily implement the fix or solution to all the units that they are overseeing.


Many companies are expected to take the shift by the end of the year. Microsoft said that the average time for businesses to adopt a new OS after its release is between 12-18 months. It would then seem that Bill Gates is right on track in virtually taking over thousands of corporations around the globe without acquiring a single stock in any of them.


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