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January 18th, 2007

Whats a BIOS?

My sister popped that question to me a few days ago when she was trying to change her systems clock and calendar.

Im sure many of you have heard or seen the term a couple of times already. In fact, you most probably see it everyday as it is the first thing that usually comes up on your screen when you turn on your computer.

The term is actually an acronym for basic input/output system. Its a small program incorporated in your motherboard that allows the computer to communicate with its peripherals, such as the mouse, keyboard, and the hard drive.

The BIOS is one of the applications that rarely get updated. Take note that its incorporated in your motherboard. So unless you have a new motherboard, chances are that your BIOS is outdated.

So, is there a way by which you can update your BIOS without having to scrap your motherboard?

Yes, there is.

One of the most cost-effective and simplest ways to update your BIOS is to download the new device driver for it. Finding the right driver may be tricky, especially since there are many different BIOS software. However, you can easily escape this nightmare by using a device driver finder on the Internet. The process would only take a few minutes, including its installation.

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