Behind the Price Tag

April 25th, 2007

The Internet has become a very hostile place since its inception. It was probably one of the most secured networks before when the military was its sole client. Today, anybody with a PC and a modem could travel into the virtual world and do practically whatever he wants.

Walking around cyberspace without protection is like strolling around New York City at night without a companion. Youre bound to meet some undesirable elements that could definitely harm you. Surfing the Web then, without an antivirus or anti-spyware program, is reckless or even suicidal.

Hole-Ridden Pocket

One of the reasons why some people dare to connect to the Internet without adequate protection is due the prohibitive costs of security suites. Buying and maintaining a computer is not cheap. You might think that your problems already solved after youve bought the hardware. Well, think again. Your dilemma has just actually started. Depending on the software that you need, youll probably end up spending more on applications than on your brand new computer.

If youre going to purchase a new computer, it is advisable to choose a package or unit that already has a pre-installed operating system. This could save you about a hundred dollars or more. However, you wont usually get a copy of the software. Thats going to be a problem when the time comes that you have to reformat your system.

Less Than a Penny

Stacking up your computer with all the necessary software, especially those that pertain to the security of your system, need not be expensive. There are many freeware on the Internet that could take the place of expensive applications. Theyre not as neat or as effective as the commercial ones, but they do get the job done.

Take for example SpyCatcher Express. Its a freeware designed to sift out spyware from your computer. Its not a mediocre security program, mind you. In fact, it can even rival Symantec or McAfee. Unlike other free anti-spyware applications, this program offers real-time protection. This means that youre computer will be getting continuous protection from various types of malware.

Of course, a computer cannot live on security software alone. Many of todays systems are primarily built for entertainment. A PC without a multimedia player or image viewer is a dull and practically useless machine.

Buying multimedia software can be a financially-harrowing experience. Youll spend a fortune on an image viewer alone. Although Windows XP already has one, it has very limited features. Youll definitely be constrained to buy a third-party software in order to be able to edit the images that youre viewing.

If youre running on a tight budget, then you might want to try Photozig Album Express. This program definitely gives you a wider latitude than Windows Fax and Picture Viewer or Paint as far as editing pictures is concerned.

Worth Every Penny

There are many free software on the Internet which can be viable alternatives to those that are being sold in the market. However, be careful in relying solely on freeware. Theres a reason why they are free, and theres definitely a reason why some software have price tags on them. As a rule, its wise to spend on security suites or system tools, such as device driver finders or registry cleaners. Investing in these types of applications can definitely do wonders to your system, so dont zip your pocket when it comes to these programs.

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