Blessing in Disguise?

May 15th, 2007

This Vista woe doesnt concern any hole or flawed programming. In fact, Microsoft is not the one to blame on this dilemma.

Thousands of PC buyers who were given the free option of upgrading to Vista are up in arms due to the unreasonable delay of the delivery of their upgrade disc. Many computer manufacturers offered a promo prior to the release of Windows Vista that would allow buyers to avail of the new OS at no extra charge. All they had to do after the release date of the new OS was to just key in their Microsoft Certificate of Authenticity number that came along with the laptop or desktop to a Web site that will be made for the purpose.


Buyers are complaining of ridiculously long paperwork that is needed for the processing of their requests. They also lament the long holding or waiting time whenever they try to contact the vendor or the manufacturer. Among the PC makers that are involved in the flop include Dell, HP, Acer, Toshiba, Fujitsu, and Gateway.

I could understand the frustration that the buyers of the said PC brands are feeling right now. A commitment is a commitment. However, I think the delay is also a blessing in disguise, especially for the first time buyers. As you may have already read in many newspapers and online dailies, many Vista users encountered numerous problems with the new OS. Some needed to reformat their hard drive and re-install Vista. For those who had a more frustrating experience, they even abandoned the new application altogether and shifted back to XP.

Necessary Risk

You have to be ready before you put that new OS into your system. Some say that its practically a risk to install Vista into your PC. I must say that I wouldve probably agreed with that statement had it been made during the first 3 weeks of Vistas release. However, Microsoft and majority of the hardware and software makers are steadily building up their databases of patches. Many of them have already released the necessary updates.

Be Proactive

While Microsoft has committed to expedite the release of the necessary patches, users should not rely solely on this promise or undertaking. They should also take steps in ensuring that pre-Vista components and applications would work without a glitch on the new OS. This shouldnt be a problem already since there are device driver finders on the Web that could search and install the necessary drivers for your system, such as RadarSync.

I dont fully agree with the claim or saying that installing Vista on your computer is a risk. Of course, you will definitely be facing risks or problems. However, that is just normal in any OS shift or transition. The solution is not to junk the new program altogether. Rather, what users should do is ensure that their PC is ready for the change and create a backup plan. Vista can be the next best thing since DOS (just kidding) if youve prepared yourself and your unit for it.

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