Blind Notebook

February 21st, 2007

My Acer Aspire notebook is testing my patience, and possibly its warranty card, again. The peripherals attached to it are not working properly. One didnt even work at all.

I was given a long data entry task by my boss that involves numbers. As we all know, notebook keyboards do not have the number pad that their desktop counterparts usually have. As a solution, I bought a larger keyboard that can be used or attached to any computer via USB.

My head nearly reached its boiling point when the component refused to function after I connected it to my laptop. Initially, I thought that the keyboard was just playing hard-to-get. I tried disconnecting and reconnecting the USB plug from the port. That didnt solve it. It only worked when I restarted the computer without removing the extra component.

This is frustrating. Peripherals should work right away once it is plugged to the computer. My laptop doesnt seem to agree with me on this, though. If I want a peripheral to work on my notebook, I have to plug it first then restart my unit in order for the former to be recognized. What a waste of time.

A friend of mine told me that my problem might be driver-related after he learned that I didnt install any. I told him that I didnt bother to look for the appropriate driver because the add-ons to my desktop got recognized instantly, and that my mouse is working perfectly fine without a driver. Maybe shes right, though. My USB keyboard hasnt been playing hide and seek after I installed its driver. I guess computers can’t see or feel without the aid of device drivers.


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