Laying the Wreath

April 30th, 2007

Could you imagine life without Windows XP? Im sure many of you are suppressing a nod, considering that most of us have grown accustomed with Vistas predecessor. It has been the most popular and widely used operating system in the world since Windows 98. You can bet that last dollar tucked inside your left shoe that the computer youll be using in Singapore or Namibia is running under this OS.

Die-Hard Fans

While everybody wants to have the latest software or gadget, it would seem that many have regarded their old trusted OS as an exception. We all know that Vistas steadily engulfing every computer on its path. Many shunned the cons with regard to price and the availability of device drivers. Indeed, it seems unlikely that Microsoft would be slashing the price of its fastest-selling software anytime soon. Compatibility problems are also fast being solved, thanks to device driver finders.

But there are still a good number of computer users who are apprehensive in retiring their old OS. Indeed, who would want to ditch a program thats already been tried and tested. Many can easily afford Vista despite criticisms that its price tag is ridiculously exorbitant. What they cant afford though, are disruptions due to compatibility issues. This is whats keeping millions undecided on whether or not to shift to Vista for good.

Cashing in on XPs Life Insurance

As the only thing thats permanent in life is change, it shouldnt come as a surprise that Microsoft is already laying out XPs coffin. In case you havent heard yet, Microsoft has already plotted the lifespan of its most successful product. It has been announced that Bill Gates company will stop issuing non-security updates by April 14, 2009. Its a blow for those who are planning to stick with XP until they cant stand its interface anymore. However, the first punch will not be fatal. The TKO would inevitably come, of course. Sources say that Microsoft would entirely stop supporting XP by 2015.

The news is saddening. However, as much as Im a fan of XP, I dont think that people would be able to resist the temptation of jumping to the Vista bandwagon. While Vista is experiencing some driver problems at present, XP might suffer the same fate five years from now when software and hardware manufacturers would stop producing XP-compatible products. XPs demise is inevitable. The only question is how long will Microsoft keep its old product under life support.

The Inevitable

Dont worry too much about the news that XPs gravestone has already been carved. Im sure youve already anticipated that. And at the rate AMD and Intel are churning out processors, Im sure that youll harbor the sentiment that your new PCs muscles will be wasted on a lightweight OS.

Its ironic that XP would soon be suffering from compatibility dilemmas. I guess this situation can be likened to the human aging process. A babys dependent on everything during his early age. It then grows up to be productive and independent. As it gets older though, it again needs assistance. Sounds like just one of your old computer applications, right?


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