Microsoft Vista – The Anticipation and The Dread

January 23rd, 2007

vista launch, bill gates, microsoft vistaYou can feel it in the air. Everybody is just talking about the upcoming launch of Microsoft Vista. In fact, one of my most respected clients (read: favorite!) has asked us to write a sort of ‘Help File’ already for those who will be finding it hard to ‘come to grasp’ with Vista. Before I get any smirks, there ARE plenty of people who really need to be given step-by-step instructions folks regarding new software ;)

When you visit tech blogs, there is always a comparison between Vista and other operating systems and often, you will read about how Vista pales in comparison or that whatever it is that’s new ‘disappoints’. Well, the truth is, the average Joe is really only aware of Microsoft products! Try to talk to them about other ‘alternative’ software and operating systems and you get a blank stare in return. Such is the brand awareness for Microsoft products folks whether we like it or not.

Anyway, having said the above, you can imagine the anticipation for the launch of Vista. And for those who are a bit more ‘techie’ such is also the dread. Uh-oh, errors will abound now… software programs won’t work… tons of plug-ins to install… my PC will be a mess!

Here’s a tip: If you are thinking of purchasing Vista but don’t know squat about installation and all that other techie stuff, pls. have somebody else (a professional) do it for you! Another tip is to install it first in a spare PC or laptop you may have so that your main PC is still free for everyday use till you get the others up and running smoothly.

And here’s where I make my plug. He.He. But seriously folks, do have a device driver nearby. You NEED it to locate the new hardware drivers you need to ensure that your peripherals will still work after you upgrade your PC to Vista.

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