Mobile Phone Disguise

June 29th, 2007

So the wait is finally over.

Apple has recently released its much-awaited iPhone to US consumers. While many compared the hype to Vistas introduction to the market, the latter still edged the formers unveiling by about a mile and a half.

What is it?

The mobile phone has evolved tremendously during the last five years. Gone are the days when all your cellular phone could do is to place and receive calls. If one would go back to the future, say from 1998 to the present, he would probably think youre kidding if youll say that the iPhone or the Nokia N95 is primarily a mobile phone. Indeed, those two units dont even resemble the gadget that they are purporting to be.


Every electronic gadget wants to mimic the computer. Of course, this is not surprising since almost every human activity is facilitated by PCs. Thus, the line between computers and mobile phones is fast fading. The delineation is still there, but it has turned into just a mere smudge that its hard to tell anymore if the electronic device youre using is cellular phone, a GPS system, or a computer wrapped in an unconventional packaging.

The iPhone and the Nokia N95 boast that they can browse through Web sites, downloaded videos, and send e-mails. These functions were originally the domains of the PC. At present, the computers monopoly over the Internet is fast crumbling. Mobile phones are now promising users that it can also take them to cyberspace without the hassle of having to wait for your PC to boot up. Indeed, the thought of being able to surf the Web through a device that easily fits into your pocket is truly remarkable. Its not surprising then that many are already considering the mobile phone as a viable alternative to the computer.

Not Quite

Although the cell phone is fast evolving into a miniature PC, it still cannot replace the device which its seeking to boot out. For one thing, mobile phones are not just big enough to house essential components that would help it outperform computers. Intels Core 2 Duo chip would certainly eat up about a fifth of iPhones internal real estate. While the screen resolution of the iPhone is stunning, it doesnt have the video muscle to handle complicated games or heavy multimedia activities. Data entry is also a problem for miniature devices. While Apples new product has a virtual keyboard, its not big enough to entice users to junk their laptops for their mobile phones when composing kilometric e-mails. The iPhones virtual QWERTY keyboard is cramped, while the N95 doesnt even have one at all.

Its Still a Phone

All told, the iPhone is still a device thats worth saving for. It may have fallen short on some of the functions which PCs formerly have exclusive dominion of, but its still a great phone that has lots of extra features that make it versatile. Expect the next version of the iPhone to be more sophisticated and computer-like. Who knows, RadarSync might be adding mobile phone device drivers on its database soon.


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