New York Times Behind the Times, Complains About Vista

January 23rd, 2009

Unless you’ve been living under a cave for the past few years, Windows Vista is not exactly the hottest thing in the computer world right now. Ever since its release, it’s been plagued with compatibility issues, performance issues, a messy user interface, and unsupported drivers. It’s caused a lot of its users to switch back to XP, or adventure into some of Apple’s offerings, forcing Microsoft to force its hand with Windows 7 (which is rumored to be available this year). Most people would rather do without it.

So why has it taken The New York Times so long to finally get behind the vast majority of users?

Granted, it’s not like The New York Times is the world’s source for IT-based news and opinion. They have a lot of stories to report on, seven days a week, and griping about the unpopular OS is hardly front-page material. But this long? After numerous entries on the blogosphere–formal and informal alike–about its faults? What about the vast number of professional opinions from people with years of dedicated IT experience? Is the prestigious newspaper simply ignoring the encyclopedia of knowledge from the culture of the Internet, or are they simply not observant about things not effecting them?

Oh, wait.

I guess the moral of this quick and easy story is to just figure out where you get your tech news. Obviously a few good sites come to mind: PC World, Ars, Gizmodo, and dozens of other websites. (Including us? Throw us a bone here!) This is simply more proof that the truly tech-savvy are the ones that should be handling this sort of thing.

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