January 25th, 2007

Have you noticed that almost all electronic devices can already be connected to a PC?

There was a time when the only PC peripherals that anyone could think of were the printer, mouse, and the keyboard. Today, almost every electronic gadget can already be considered a PC component or accessory. If you own a digital camera, then you know what Im talking about. Sure, it can function independently from a computer. However, you cant easily or effectively share and edit the photos taken from it without a PC. How else would you show that picture of yours to a loved one who lives thousands of miles away.

Its quite unfortunate though, that there are still some people who do not or cannot grasp this realization. Theyre the ones who often keep the devices manuals, but throw away the CDs included in the package that contain the device drivers that are needed in order to facilitate the connection of their electronic device to the PC. The consequence of such careless acts is not dire, though.

There are many device driver finders on the Internet which could easily look for and install lost or discarded drivers. So in case you inadvertently threw the installation CD of your digital camera or MP3 player, dont dive through the pile of garbage in your backyard and try to retrieve it. Theres a cleaner solution on the Internet!


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