Reality Bites: The Search for Vista Drivers Begin!

January 30th, 2007

vista driver, vista drivers
One of the most ‘cute’ news items to come out lately is when Microsoft admitted that even their own LifeCam product does not have Vista-compatible drivers yet.
Well I think most people really don’t realize it yet but, indeed, if you upgrade your self-made PC from XP to Vista, you are bound to go through some tough times trying to find compatible drivers. So imagine my surprise when I came across a post at Lifehacker talking about a device driver finder company called Radarsync that is offering a repository of Vista drivers… for free! You can find their collection of Vista drivers on this page – – and you can download to your heart’s content.

Check it out and let us know what you think! Did you find the Vista driver you were looking for? I must say that even if you have not found the driver you are looking for particularly, this page would be a very good resource to have (Bookmark it! Bookmark it! :) ) especially since we all know how manufacturers can be a tad tardy when it comes to releasing new drivers for their products.

So why is Radarsync offering this free Vista drivers page? The company’s main product is – ta-dah! – a device driver finder tool! Vested interest? Sure! But they sure have given themselves the edge by being the first to cater to what I humbly predict as a soon-to-be growing problem for those who will be upgrading to Vista.

Want to find out if Radarsync is for you? Get this FREE DOWNLOAD of their software.

If you try it, be sure to post your feedback about this device driver finder here! Yeah, I REALLY want to know.

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