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May 7th, 2007

Are you prepared for Vista?

I know the question already sounds pass. I may have even raised some eyebrows by asking that question. However, I could give you several reasons why that query is still relevant.

For one thing, not everybody has jumped ship. Many are still using Windows XP or OS X. There are still millions out there who believe that they havent squeezed their moneys worth out of Microsofts previous operating system yet. As for the others who are already fed up with XP, they are still reluctant to try the new OS for fear that they would be buying something that is still raw.

The Checklist

Ive already emphasized on my previous posts that you should think twice in installing Vista in your PC if its being powered by an antiquated processor. Dont expect things to go smoothly if your computer is being powered by an Intel Celeron chip. Your Vista experience will surely be a disappointment if youll dare your processor to take on the Herculean task of running the new OS. Needless to say, you need to have the latest processor in order to fully enjoy the features and functions of Microsofts latest offering.


Having the latest machine is not enough to ensure that your Vista experience would be pleasant. Being a new product, Vista might exhibit difficulties in recognizing certain components, as well as programs. Although software and hardware manufacturers are already making products especially for the new OS, there are thousands of old, for-XP programs that are still being used by millions of users. Their makers cant just phase them out in a snap of a finger. What they could do though, is extend their products life by releasing device drivers and other updates which would enable them to run or function on the new OS.

Vista Hardware

It has been months now since Vista debuted around the globe. Its not surprising then to see HP, Dell, Compaq, IBM, Acer, and other notebook and desktop manufacturers coming up with models that are especially made for Microsofts new operating system. These machines are supposed to fully utilize or maximize the potentials of Vista. They even prominently bear the Vista-Ready seal which assures users that they have the best unit as far as running the OS is concerned.

A More Practical Solution

Many rushed to purchase notebooks that bear the reassuring logo. Majority of those who opted for a new laptop had a Sempron or Celeron-powered machine. There were also some who owned Pentium M-powered units that opted to buy a newer model instead of upgrading their existing unit. This might seem wasteful. But considering that upgrading a laptop can be very costly, purchasing a new one would now seem to be a more practical move than introducing enhancements to an old unit.

While there are some ways by which you could inject steroids on that old PC of yours, chances are is that the enhancements wont be able to handle the additional burden for very long. If youre going to invest on a new OS, then you might as well also invest on a new machine.


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