Unreasonable Checkpoints

August 10th, 2007

Youre probably wondering if all those new computer peripherals in the market would work seamlessly with Windows Vista. If youre going to listen to the guys at Microsoft, chances are is that youll be getting a very encouraging answer. However, if youre going to ask your neighbors, youll probably be getting a different and very harrowing response.

Despite the fact that it has been months since the debut of Microsofts latest OS, compatibility problems still hound it. The reason is not the lack of drivers. On the contrary, hardware and software makers are relentlessly churning out patches and drivers to ensure that their products would work on Vista. However, the operating systems stringent requirement before a driver or application can be granted access to it is hampering efforts to rid compatibility issues.


This problem is expected to aggravate the slow migration of users to Vista. While Microsoft is confident that people would eventually leave XP for good, the shift is not happening as fast at it wants it to be. One of the things that would definitely encourage users to try Vista is by seeing the PC market flooded with hardware and software that has the Vista Ready / Capable seal on them. Unfortunately, Vistas maker is making it hard for third-party device driver finders or makers to install the necessary applications on the OS.

Microsoft also seems to be not that keen on working with hardware and software makers with regard to the design and release of drivers. Take for instance the ATI tragedy. Some time ago, the graphics engine maker released sets of drivers for its products to be able to run on Vista without a glitch. Unfortunately, the patches made Vista crash. So much for ATIs efforts to make Vista as the industry standard.

The LD on HD

Drivers are not the only files or applications that are getting a Gestapo treatment from Vista. PC users are also complaining that the new OS prohibits the use, access, and distribution of high-definition contents. While this security feature effectively eliminates the unauthorized use of protected or copyrighted productions, it also indiscriminately refuses to accept legitimate HD contents that the users themselves have made. Take note that many of the home videos that are being produced nowadays are in HD. The technology is not limited to Motown or Hollywood alone.

For a product that has been billed as the very thing that would dictate how technology would develop in the next several years, its quite surprising and unfortunate to note that its hampering the development of new innovations due to its unbending disposition to reject things or changes that do not conform with its desires and designs.

The overzealousness of Microsoft to protect its OS from unwanted intrusions has caused unwanted results for the users and the manufacturers of peripherals and applications. Its eagerness to kowtow to the requests of copyright owners have also prejudiced many who are filming videos in HD. Microsoft should quickly address these concerns, lest it turn off present and potential Vista clients.

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