Vista Also Increases PC Sales

February 9th, 2007

vista-equipped pcIn not so suprising news, it’s just been confirmed that the launch of Vista has also propelled PC sales. According to research firm Current Analysis, sales of PCs with Windows Vista already installed helped propel overall PC sales to 67% compared to the same week a year earlier. If you want more info on this news item, click here).

This announcement to me means to two things really.

One, despite all the negative talk about Vista, Microsoft is STILL the No. 1 thought on the general public’s mind when it comes to their PC needs. It seems that there is a generation reared on Microsoft and even if there is NO need really to buy a new PC to experience Vista, most people (at least the ones I talk to) prefer to get a new system to start “fresh”.

Two, despite what others say, this news is GOOD for the industry in general. According to the same research firm cited above, PC sales have just been so-so (in fact, it has been showing a slow but steady decline!) until the Vista launch came along.
I have not bought a new PC but I did upgrade last weekend. So what do I think? WOW! (More next week…)

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