Joining the Microsoft Vista Craze

December 16th, 2006

Do you remember the buying frenzy spawned by Windows XP a few years ago? I was one of those who lined up in a nearby computer store for TWO HOURS just to make sure that Ill be one of the chosen (more of diligent) few wholl be able to first use the new operating system.

The wait was definitely worth it. Windows XP outmatched its predecessor from design to efficiency. However, that wonderful experience was short-lived as reality struck immediately when I ran my old applications thereafter.

The new OS wasnt able to recognize the old programs that I had. It either refused to load it, or prompted a message that it is incompatible with the new version. The programs, too, did not recognize the new Windows.

I e-mailed Microsoft and the manufacturer of my old programs about the problem. They assured me that their software is Windows XP compatible, and that all I have to do is to download the new drivers that they have released.

I think I spent 4 days just trying to find the right driver for my old programs and for some of my desktops components. It was a nightmare. The fact that I was still using dial-up at that time placed an exponent on my frustration.

Now that Windows Vista is about to be released, Im quite worried that I might go through the same experience again. Many of my friends who are not that knowledgeable when it comes to maintaining computers are already hesitant in shifting to the new Microsoft OS.

We might have exaggerated our apprehensions, though. There are many device driver finders on the Internet that can automatically locate and download the drivers that a user needs. I never forgot that harrowing experience of mine with Windows XP. However, I also did not forget the joy and the excitement that I felt when I first ran the successor of Windows 98. Needless to say, Ill definitely be one of those Windows fans wholl be rushing to the computer store early in the morning to take a crack at Microsofts latest offering.

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