Vista Increases Demand for… Laptops!

February 4th, 2007

vista, laptop sales, notebook salesI read from the PC Advisor (full article here) that Microsoft’s launch of Vista has jacked up demand for laptops. Taiwan’s Quanta computer, whose roster of clients include Apple, HP, and Dell, states that it shipped more than two million laptops in January.

This news confirms further to me that people are opting to install Vista on a ‘fresh’ system rather than upgrade their current ones. Indeed, a quick preview of tech blogs reveals that many do advise this as simply upgrading can result in not just a few headaches (so better start fresh they say).

So should you or shouldn’t you? I say, if you’ve had your PC or laptop for quite some time already and was thinking of buying a new one anyway, well, now’s the perfect time for you to do so! If not, then I suggest you don’t. As for those ‘headaches’… I’ll let you know if I encountered any next week as I’m upgraidng this weekend! ;)

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