WHY in the world would you buy a device driver scanner?

December 7th, 2006

Good question, one I get asked a lot :)

Ok, so you use your PC to work (have lots of software installed probably), you print a few documents, you listen to music online, etc., etc. As you do all these things, your PC is interacting with various components to carry out what you want it to do.

So if you print something, your PC is communicating with your printer. It does this via the printer driver that came along with your printer purchase. Now, manufacturers constantly issue updated device drivers. This is not one big masterplan to make you buy their products again and again (or is it? he.he.); manufacturers create and issue new device drivers because they are constantly improving on the product to serve you better.

If you are EXTREMELY diligent, yes, you can just keep on surfing the web for updated drivers for your PC and its peripherals and download them for free. HOWEVER, who has the time to do that all day? Furthermore, most of us have hardly any clue what a device driver is, let alone look for it, download and install it!

So this is mainly why you would want to invest in a device driver scanner. It checks your PC for you, makes recommendations on device driver updates you need, and makes downloading them a cinch. Period.

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