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Driver Information
Manufacturer: HP
Operating System: Windows XP x64/2003 x64/Vista x64
Version: 61.071.661.41
Release Date: 2007-09-19
Category: Printers Drivers
File Name and Size: HP_CLJ_4700_64bit_XP_S2003_PCL6_Black_HPDIU.exe(11.78 Mb)
Model: 4700
Description: HP Color LaserJet 4700 Series Printer PCL6 Monochrome Driver 61.071.661.41 Windows XP x64/2003 x64/Vista x64. HP Color LaserJet 4700 PCL6 Monochrome 64-Bit Driver (use with AMD Athlon 64, AMD Opteron, Intel Xeon and Pentium 4 with EMT64). Fixes: # When Auto and Manual Duplexing are both enabled, the "HELP" content is identical; # Previous drivers output CR (line feed carriage return) instead of CRLF (carriage return line feed) after PJL commands; # PCL5c drivers print extra lines; # Extra blank pages are printed at the end of odd number page obs; # Output gets stapled when staple option is not selected (relevant only for HP Color LaserJet products with attached paper handling units); # SAP templates do not print correctly; # Various memory leak issues resolved; # Tray ID's not consistent; # PCL6 driver issues with Microsoft Word documents with embedded logo; # Booklet printing does not scale properly and/or is not positioned correctly on the page; # When printing with the PCL5 driver, the user experiences overlapping characters; # Quick sets that use the envelope feeder do not hold their ettings from one print job to another; # Grayscale does not work correctly with the PCL5 driver; # The end-user can select the Duplex and First Page Out Different option but it doesn't work; # "DCOM rror" occurs when print drivers are istalled on Win23K server;# Current drivers cause poor performance when printing from Cisco CEPS environment; Scaling within current drivers not implemented properly. The following enhancements have been added with this release: # Secure Job Pin number fix. # Align scaling solution with in box MS PS driver for Excel and IE. # upport bidirectional in Windows x64. # Improve Dynamic EMF Spooling. # Enforce OOV standards for all strings/help in driver UI. # Local custom sizes for restricted users (host in a network). # SSNP supplies and Status Alerts functionality.I55 # Utilize Novell username in Novell environments. # Enhance Job Storage to support Private Printing without a PIN. # Change Taiwan 8K and 16K string from US inches to MM. # .hlp files may no longer be supported in Vista (or Vista follow-on). # System IPv6 requirements.# Paper Sizes List reordered. # UI layout changes to Page insert. # Need to expose FilterUI for AutoCad support for Win2K XP LaserJets.
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