Device Drivers — Breathing Life to Your Otherwise Dead PC

December 26th, 2006

I did a little holiday garage cleaning yesterday and guess what I found my old AMD K62 CPU!

I already forgot the year when I bought this. I was looking for a cheaper alternative to Intels Pentium III, and my friend offered his slightly used K62 unit.

Im feeling quite nostalgic these past few days. Maybe its because things are changing so fast. Im bent on fixing this old unit of mine and putting it on our small the library. Im also planning on installing the old Windows 98 OS in it.

Getting the right hardware to complement my old K62 processor is easy. However, getting new software to run on it is another thing. Take note that Ill be using old components since the new video cards and motherboards do not support or recognize obsolete processors anymore.

I think my mom may have already thrown the installation CDs of my old PC. Thats murderous for my endeavor. I mean, how am I supposed to get things running on my old PC without the appropriate drivers? Its not as if that I could use the drivers of my new laptop on my old desktop.

Its a good thing that there are device driver finders in the Net. Although I know a lot about computers, finding the right driver for your PC (especially old ones) can be very frustrating. Believe me, its very difficult. I tried doing it myself and I ended up spending 4 hours just looking for the driver of my sound card.

If youre feeling a bit nostalgic, or are quire hesitant to throw your old PC, try reviving it. Dont worry about the drivers for your components, even if theyre already a decade old. Just run a device driver scan on your system and the program will surely find something to get your old computer breathing again.

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