Device drivers – what they are and why you need updated ones all the time

November 24th, 2006

What are device driver finders?
device driver finderWe often take our computers and what we can do with them for granted. But as always, it’s the ‘little things’ that count. A device driver is actually a specific type of computer software which enables your PC to communicate with your hardware devices such as your keyboard, modem, printer, scanner, camera phone and others. Without device drivers, you will not be able to use these gizmos no matter how you connect them (cables and cords galore!) to your PC.How do device drivers (a.k.a. computer drivers) work?
Put in simple, non-techie words, every time you use your computer to, say, connect to the Internet or print a page, the device driver is the software that your PC ‘consults’ so that it knows which hardware to call up to perform the function. As such, if software drivers are not updated, then you can imagine chaos happening ‘behind the scenes’ of your PC.

When you buy your PC, printer, scanner, etc., they already come with their respective device drivers. Great! So why do you need to update them all the time?

The thing is, by the time you purchase your PC and hardware devices, the device drivers in them are probably already old. Why? Because manufacturers update their products all the time so that they function better. R&D is basically non-stop.

Consider an HP printer (and that constant need for HP printer drivers!). You bought it what? Two weeks ago?How long has it been ‘on the shelf’? Three months? Delivery time to the shop…Assembly time… We are talking about possibly six to eight months since the printer was assembled and brought to your home. In that time, plenty of newer HP printer drivers may have come out already!

Device Drivers – The Need to Update
Ensuring that updated drivers are installed on your PC is the first line of defense against plenty of computer problems, frustration and headaches. And it’s not really that manufacturers are hiding these drivers. Not at all. They are often posted on their websites for you to download, install and use.

HOWEVER, the problem is, by the time you realize you have outdated computer drivers, an error has probably already occurred or you are already pressed for time and just want the task done already! You may think you can keep track of all the drivers you need but trust me, you can’t. Your PC and the hardware and software you use will most likely enable you to track hundreds or even thousands of device drivers! Now who has the time for that?

The answer is simple – you need device driver scanners that can simply go over your PC in minutes and tell you which drivers need updating. Mind you, these scanners are not only there to inform you of what you need but also enable you to download and install the device drivers in minutes.

So what are you waiting for?
Why wait for a PC problem to occur when you can prevent it so easily with updated device drivers?

SCAN YOUR PC NOW with these free access device driver scan tools. We guarantee that you’ll be surprised at just how OUTdated your device drivers are right now.

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