Lovin It So Far?

March 1st, 2007

Are the owners of the worlds latest and most famous OS enjoying the vista on their screens, or are they saying hasta la vista to it?

Its been almost a month now since Microsoft released Windows Vista to consumers. While many were awed by the visual aspects of the program, some were not a bit impressed by it. In fact, they claim that its just XP wrapped in new clothing. Extreme skeptics even detested the new OS, saying that its not even worth leaving XP (and even 98) for.

I think the last one was totally uncalled for. Im not a big Microsoft fan. I think I already aired my sentiments against the monopoly that Bill Gates company has over the OS industry. Nearly 90% of all computers around the world are running on XP, and I guess its safe to say that Vista would be getting a similar percentage by the time the Democrats take over the White House.

However, I disagree that Vistas all hype. I think Im objective and credible enough to say that the new OS has lived up to most of the experts expectations. If you think that its new skin is mediocre, then you might seriously consider visiting an ophthalmologist. The graphics are great. It does demand much from my graphics card, but the visuals are pretty and stunning enough to merit a few extra bytes off my RAM and video memory.

With regard to compatibility, I have yet to see an old application crash on it. I must admit that I was quite apprehensive at first on the issue. I mean, many of programs that I used in Windows 95 and 98 had cramps and refused to run in XP. I was expecting the same dilemma when I installed Vista. Surprisingly though, I hadnt encounter any of such. Maybe its because hardware and software makers were given sufficient time to come up with the necessary drivers to make their products work on the new OS. Third-party device driver providers, such as RadarSync, also helped in preventing old programs from going on strike when made to run on Vista.

So whats the early verdict on Microsofts latest offering? Well, if you ask me, I think it isnt guilty as far as visuals and compatibility are concerned. However, Im not sure if I could say the same with regard to security. Symantec, the maker of most popular anti-virus program, has recently released a study which exposed some flaws of the OS that could render it susceptible to attacks.

Now you might think that the producer of the Norton Anti-Virus might have purposely released a damaging report in order to ensure that its security products and services would continuously be patronized. That was my initial reaction, actually. However, Symantec was candid enough to admit that many might harbor this suspicion. They clarified and emphasized the impartiality of their study. In fact, they would be presenting their findings to Microsoft in order for the latter to take the appropriate actions.

Of course, Microsoft was quite defensive on this. However, it was also a good sport since the Redmond, Washington company said that it will study the Symantec report and adopt its recommendations if it finds out that the latters claims are indeed true.

So should XP users take the plunge already and shift to the new OS? My answer is a resounding yes! However, make sure that youre PC is ready for the change. Increase your RAM and change your processor if its a Celeron or lower. Be ready with the appropriate Vista driver for your old peripherals. If your PC is fit enough to handle the demands of Microsofts new creation, then I can assure you that youll be saying hasta la vista, baby to your current non-Vista OS.

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