Xandros Will Make Your Computer Boot Using Presto Magic

March 6th, 2009

Just announced a few days ago, operating systems maker Xandros announced a new program that will allow users to get onto the Internet through Mozilla Firefox, instant message through Skype, and do other basic programs before Windows will even boot. The product is called Presto, and will be available for $19.99 on April 13, along with a free open beta that will be available on March 16 by signing up on their website.

A little digging around the Presto website and the Internet shows that Presto looks almost exactly like the Xandros operating system (by the way, Xandros company, I’m not sure it’s great PR to name your product after yourself in this business), only with most of the features taken out. Having not heard of the Xandros OS prior to this, it didn’t take me long to find that it’s not exactly the answer to Windows Vista, but it’s a fairly uncomplicated Linux-based OS that is compatible with most Windows applications. But what the Xandros company claims about Presto could be a game changer.

Like installing Windows on an Mac, Presto will prompt you when you turn on your computer if you would like to run Presto or Windows. Apparently choosing Presto is a lot quicker than Windows in this case, as the site claims that one should be able to get online within seconds of turning on their PC using Firefox, access files through Open Office, and use other Linux-based applications through their free online “store.” But there isn’t enough proof in the pudding, a simple YouTube video should have the Internet talking more about this, but nobody outside the Xandros company has had real hands-on experience with it.

The product is aimed toward laptop and netbook users, but those with desktops can still get in on the action. It’s clearly not intended to be the replacement for any other operating system–since most of the corners look to be cut out with its Linux-application only approach–but rather as a “I just need to get on for three seconds to check out the website” approach for people on the go. We’ll find out more on March 16 when the open beta rolls out.

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