You need a device driver… even if you don’t realize it!

November 27th, 2006

Everyday, thousands and thousands of people use computers but only few really know how they work. Well, that’s part of the beauty really, you don’t have to understand it :)

Before, we only used computers at work, but today, almost every home has a PC for use in both work and play. Most home PC owners, have no clues as to how to maintain their PCs properly. Are you one of them?

You probably thought that once you purchased your PC, that’s it. Well folks, no. You don’t have to be a PC specialist or anything but a few basic maintenance measures won’t hurt as well. This will not only ensure that your computer works at its best each time you use it, it will also make your PC last longer (proving to be a better return in investment).

One of the ways to improve PC performance is to ensure that you have updated device drivers. Unfortunately, the need for device drivers is not obvious all the time. More to the point – by the time you get a message that you should download a device driver, that means you NEED that device driver already.

Say you need to print something ASAP, and all of a sudden you get a message saying that you need to download a specific printer driver (e.g., hp priinter driver, epson printer driver, etc.), you can pretty much kiss that printout goodbye because it will take a LONGGG time to find the printer driver you need.

Moral lesson here? It’s better to be pro-active. Just as you would conduct a virus scan on your PC to ensure it is not infected, run a device driver scan every now and then. The sooner you find an updated device driver for your PC, the better.

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