Repair Device Code 39 Errors

February 3rd, 2009

A code 39 error in Windows means one of the following:

  • A device driver is missing
  • A driver file is corrupted
  • A problem with the file I/O is occurring
  • One of the support files for the driver cannot be loaded

Windows drivers exist of a .SYS file and can be accompanied by .DLL files for additional functionality. If any of these driver files is missing or corrupt, a code 39 error can be the result. For driver installation the .INF file is critical as it specifies version, operating system compatibility, installation details, and some other important information.

If you are having a code 39 error for a CD/DVD device, the problem can be related to the registry. Check the specific instructions for fixing code 39 errors for CD/DVD devices for that.

To fix code 39 errors, it is required to reinstall the drivers for the device that is responsible for the code 39 error. You can use the device manager to uninstall the drivers, and then reboot your system.

Uninstall device driver

During restart Windows will find the new hardware again and you can reinstall the drivers. If the hardware is not found automatically, you can scan for hardware changes using the Action menu in the device manager.

The best source for the latest driver files is always the support site of the hardware manufacturer. If you know the brand, model and type of your hardware, most drivers can be downloaded online. In cases where drivers are not available online, or you do not know the exact details of the hardware, you can use a driver update tool to find, download and install your device drivers.


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