iPhone – It’s here! It’s cool! I want one!

January 10th, 2007

apple iphoneWhat’s a device driver blog if we don’t mention cool devices? It would be down-right a disservice!

Ok, I just want to talk a bit about that ultra-cool gadget that is causing a real stir in the world of high-tech consumer electronics – the iPhone! At the MacWorld 2007 held in San Francisco, Steve Jobs took to stage and announced what people all over the industry have been speculating on for some time… the release of a “revolutionary mobile phone” that blends the iPod, mobile phone, and an Internet-capable device all in one!

Following is a quick rundown of features:

- 11.6 mm thick, 3.5-inch wide
- Touchscreen display with multi-touch support
- Proximity sensor turns off sensor when close to your face
- 2 megapixel camera
- 8 GB of storage
- Bluetooth
- WiFi
- Runs OS X
- Free push IMAP email (like Blackberry)
- 5 hours battery life, 16 hours audio playback

The 4GB model is pegged at $499, while the 8GB model is expected to retail at $599! The Apple iPhone is expected to hit the market in June. Can’t wait! Check out the Apple site for more news and general info about the iPhone!
By the way, when I was checking out the site, got a message that my QuickTime was not updated. Goes to show you folks… you need to configure your device driver finder software to automatically check out updates for you so device driver downloads occur on the spot (instead of when you need them!).

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